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First Sat [Aug. 28th, 2010|11:55 am]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |a lady gaga song that has been stuck in my head most of the night]

It's been one week since I've been here! It feels longer, yet I haven't really gone out and done anything. The open house was great. I met all but two of my students and their parents. They all seem really awesome, and 1/3 of my class is Japanese, which is cool.
Oh, and I uploaded some more pictures to my 'class' album..it includes my reading igloo:

Well, the swimming got cancelled because some of the people we were going with had to cancel. No biggie. But we decided to go ahead and watch a movie tonight and check out the dance place that Gina, the school director, goes to (she was going to meet us).

Cortney, my roommate, and I went back to our place and ended up taking naps. We got up and Cortney gave me some food options before we headed out to meet Gina. I decided to go to McDonalds because it would be fast and easy. I ordered the double cheeseburger meal, with curly fries, and a sweet potato pie. The curly fries taste like Arby's curly fries, they are sooo good! I went to take a bite of my cheeseburger and noticed it was really thin. I looked inside and found that the meat was missing...both patties! So I'm holding two buns with two pieces of cheese with ketcup and pickles. I looked at Cortney and was like, this can't be real. We both ended up laughing. I did take my recipt and meatless burger down and they had a laugh about it too...and I got my double cheeseBURGER. The sweet potato pie was good, the filling is purple/lavendar and sweet, but doesn't really taste like sweet potatoes. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/tears4dragons/Shanghai/SAM_0166.jpg

Took the metro...first time and it seems raelly easy to navigate, if only I knew where I was going. I'm sure I'll get it in time, or I'll just randomly ride trains.

I think us three, Gina, Cortney, and I are going to take like three different dance classes. Cortney wants to take Salsa and Samba - which I wanted to try anyway - and Gina and I wanted to do bellydancing. We shall see how that goes.

Shrek 4 was good, but I kinda think they need to stop with the Shrek movies. It was kinda funny seeing the Chinese subtitles on the bottom of the movie. And that was my first 3D movie. I had not know that 3D movies have gotten that good. I know I've heard people talking about them, but didn't really want to pay the extra money to see it in 3D, but now I know better.

Walked home and went through what I like to think of Times Square.




Some pictures I took when we were walking back to the apartment. There are more video billboards around there, I just didn't take pictures of them. I can actaully see the glow of it from my bedroom window - which I need to take a pic of sometime as well.

Now I need to get to bed.
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Classroom Pictures [Aug. 27th, 2010|07:43 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |a/c unit]

This week I haven't done very much but work. Daily schedule: get up, eat breakfast, go to work (8-5), come home-ish - mostly in the area to go eat dinner or go grocery shopping, then home, then unwind for a bit, (maybe shower) then sleep. Oh, so exciting. But I'm loving the people and the school.

Here is a link to show my room, what I have been working on this week. There is also a video you can watch, the sound is soft becausee I didn't speak loud enough. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/1003/tears4dragons/Class/2010-2011/

Yes, only my classroom. By the time I get home, it is to dark to do anything. I don't really want to take pictures when it's dark outside - I don't even know if the video would come out, probably not. And, like I said, I haven't done very much to take pictures of.

I'm loving the food and my body hasn't really rejected anything. I only got an upset stomach really once, but after that no big problems. I am also so glad that I have been building up my tolerance of spicy food - the food here can be really spicy.

Open house tommorrow. I get to meet the students and the parents which is exciting. Afterwards we are going to a building with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa-ish type place. Sounds kinda fun, even though I'm not a swimming person.
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In China! [Aug. 21st, 2010|09:41 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Well...apprently livejournal works...right now anyway. Anyway, I'm in Shanghai, China! It was a looong 14 hour plan ride, so I wzas ready to get off that plane when it landed.

So instead of unpacking and moving in, I'm emailing and checking some sites. But emailing people - mostly my family and Spring - is important.

The school director - Gina, the principal - Michael, and my new roomate - Courtney (I think thats how to spell her name) met me at the airport then Gina took us to eat...which happened to be Burger King. Yes, the Whopper tastes just like it does in the states.

Well, seeing I can access LJ, I might be back here more. Guess I better see to unpacking some of those clothes.
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Brrrr in the Springtime [Apr. 26th, 2010|08:54 pm]
[Current Mood |coldcold]
[Current Music |dingles the cat muttering to himself]

Oh my goodness, it is so cold! It also started to rain, just enough to soak the group and make it cooler. I have been enjoying the warm weather the past few days and was getting used to the weather warming up, like it’s supposed to. But of course the weather wouldn’t totally corporate. It looks like it’s another cold day on my birthday tomorrow but warming up the rest of the week, which I will be looking forward to.

Today was a pretty much good day. The kids started out pretty rough, but ended up calming down some – well my class anyway. I was being coached today and my coaching session went pretty well, the students were well behaved and I managed to do everything correctly. I was proud of myself and my students. They also had made me birthday cards, which I really enjoyed. I had brought in banana nut mini-muffins for them as a treat for my birthday and they really appreciated it. They even, without prompting, sang for me. It was cute.

So I was able to take the rest of the week off for vacation, so today was a Friday on a Monday. Tomorrow, I get to go renew my driver’s license. I plan to go around when they open at 8am so I can get it finished and not worry about it, and hopefully no one will be there so I won’t be stuck there most of the day. After that, I plan to visit with my brother. I’m not sure if we are going to do anything or not, but whatever we do it will be nice to be with him. I don’t really have much planned for the rest of this week – Wednesday and Thursday at least. I need to start going through my clothes and packing some of it along with organizing some of the stuff downstairs so it’s not all in cardboard boxes anymore. I also want/need to get my hair re-bleached. Now, I do have something planned for Friday and Saturday as I did sign up to be a chaperone for Della’s choir trip this weekend. We are leaving the school Friday morning and driving to St. Louis. The choir kids are singing at some national thing Friday night. We are staying in a hotel that night, and then they are singing again Saturday afternoon. We will be leaving St. Louis that afternoon and coming back later that evening. I’m looking forward to it. I’m even going over to a co-workers apartment Thursday night so her roommate can drop us off in the morning so we don’t have to leave out cars in the city overnight. I have to remember to look at travel games at the parent’s house that I can take with me, to pass some of the time.

I think I might go to bed early. Well…at least get ready for bed and snuggle under the covers and read.
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Thanks for Welcoming Us, Spring [Mar. 20th, 2010|07:41 pm]
[Current Location |computer room]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |cars slushing down the street]

So, on the first day of spring...it snows. And not a little snow either, we have several inches already and it hasn't stopped snowing since this morning. I wish it would stop snowing already, I'm done with snow, yet a part of me (the kid in me) still enjoys it. So I'm half and half on it, which is fine with me :)

This morning, I met up with the parents and brother to go to a ceramic show that we have been looking forward to for a couple of months now. It was a total bust. We got in and there were very few booths there and not many of them were selling ceramics themselves. Most of them were selling molds and glass stuff. We were disappointed and agreed that ceramics looks like its a dying art, which is sad. I love painting ceramics and has been a hobby of mine for several years, I really don't want to part with it.

Snow, snow, snow…

Going backwards to Thursday, which was an upsetting day for me, but it turned out okay. The short of the long story - Spazz ran away in the morning...Spring and I found her in the evening. Starting the story: I was backing out of the driveway, on my way to work, when our dog came bounding down the front yard and around my car. I know I hooked her up, but the clip apparently didn't snap back and so she finagled her way out of it. I ended up tailing her for about 20-30 minutes - whistling and calling her name, trying to get her to come to my car - before she finally jumped a fence and was out of sight. I was extremely upset and left a sobbing voicemail for Spring, and was a mess by the time I got to work. But everyone was extremely nice and supportive, including my students. One even wrote a cute little note to me basically saying sorry about my dog, and that she hopes I find her. I pretty much worried about her all day, and ended up getting a headache about midday. Came home and she still wasn't home, Spring had been keeping an eye out for her. Later in the evening, we decided to talk a walk to see if we could find her. Sure enough, we eventually found her in a dog run in a neighbors yard. She apparently kept jumping into their yard to get to the other dogs, so they just ended up putting her in there with them and they were making up fliers to hang up around the neighborhood. I was happy we found her and Spring was talking about getting another dog to keep her company in the backyard, which isn't a bad idea. We were thinking like a Jack Russell Terrier or a Corgi, both are cute and not to bad.

Snow, snow, snow...

I went to Wally this morning after the bust of the ceramic show. I ended up getting four different size tubs to pack my things into. I ended up getting two different blue see-through ones (a ‘normal’ sized one and a longer flatter one), an under the bed one, and a bigger non-see through plastic tub. I’ve already put my wall scrolls and my artists tub of posters in the under the bed one - and placed it…under my bed. I need to find my other posters/calendars made into posters to put in there. I was thinking of putting my shoes that I’m not going to take in the smaller, flatter blue box. The bigger tub I was going to put the clothes that I’m not taking to China along with my stuffed animals/plushies that I have here. I still have a box of ‘em downstairs that are in a cardboard box, I would rather them be in a plastic bin. The other box, I have no idea, I liked the look of it and I’m pretty sure I will find a use for it. I also got another expanding pocket folder so I can put papers and whatnot in it. I already have a couple for my important papers, but I wanted to get one for my non-important papers.

Thinking about it, I need somewhere to put my photo albums, maybe I can leave them on the bookshelf where they are, I’ll see.

Do you know it is hard to find an old fashioned address book? I looked at Wal*Mart and there wasn’t any. I then went to Office Max/Depot – I forget which one – and they had one, but it was an ugly pink alligator skinned one. No thank you. I then went to Target and they had a few to choose from. I actually like the one that I got. It’s black, with the word ‘address’ embossed on the front of it. The pages are nice and there is a cute little pocket in the back of it. It also has an elastic band to keep it shut, which I like. Now to start adding addresses and emails to it – and phone numbers, even though I don’t see myself calling very many people – that’s what Skype is for.

Snow, snow, snow…

Well, I think that’s about it for now…I would like to type more things out here, but nothing really had been going on. Work, eat, email, sleep…yeah, not that much to write about.
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Over the Big Blue Sea [Feb. 9th, 2010|07:27 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Well, it’s been mostly the same thing day after day. Work, eat, sleep, maybe some hanging out and working on costumes (although not as much as I should since a con is around the corner) among some other little fun stuff. Hence why I haven’t updated since forever ago, but this past weekend something changed.

I will back up and kinda start at the beginning of this little adventure, as most of you already know what I am writing about. One day at work, I overheard some people talk about this job fair that helps teachers look/get placed in overseas jobs. I was kinda interested and at the parents the following weekend, mentioned it to my parents. My Dad looked it up and found me the university hosting it and found that registration had been extended and ended the Wednesday. I had him email me the info and got on to get all the required info and money they needed before the deadline, which I barely squeaked in. I get mailed the fact book, which includes oh so many schools, and it listed salary ranges, benefits, if they provided housing and if it was furnished or if they only provided allowances, and all hat fun info. So I have fun looking through and picking out some places that looked fun to teach at and that included good benefits and a comparable salary. I only really looked at it once – and mainly skimmed it. I looked at it with Dad again and we had fun going through it.

My brother, which gladly tagged along with me for company, and I left after parent teacher conferences on Thursday which was after 7, and drove all the way to Waterloo in Iowa. We got there around 1 o’clock in the morning. Gah, so tired, and was gonna have to get up at 6:30ish to get around and go to registration and orientation. But I managed it. I get to the conference center and find my packet and found my mailbox. I look in my mailbox and see all these yellow pieces of paper, basically wanting me to stop by their booth to set up an interview. I was taken back by the amount of schools wanting to interview me, I really was. We were told about the yellow slips at orientation, basically saying if you weren’t interested in the school, to put it on the slip and put it on their table so they wouldn’t be holding an interview spot open for you, so they could interview someone else. Over lunch break, I went over with them with my brother and narrowed the ones that I wanted to interview with and those I wasn’t interested in. At Round Robin – which is what they called it – I put the not interested slips on he table first, signed up with the schools I was interested in that gave me a yellow slip and then went around and looked to see if there were any other schools that caught my interest, which there were. Boy that was something, navigating through a massive crowd also trying to get to the schools they were eyeing before all the interview slots got taken. My interviews didn’t start until later that day, so I was out of that mess of hysteria and went back to the hotel room to catch some z’s before my first interview. I had a total of like five interviews; China, Qatar, Taiwan, Mexico, Congo (hey, I was weirdly interested), Athens, Greece was really interested in me, but didn’t get beyond the first communication.

China was first. This was one were I dropped my resume off without a yellow slip. The interview was with two American girls, and I also interviewed with the founder over Skype. The interview was great, I was able to relax with them and chat freely with them, and learned about their school and community, which sounded awesome. My next interview (later in the day) with Qatar didn’t happen. I went to the scheduled meeting, and waited. Found another girl that was waiting with me – apparently they were interviewing two at a time. 10 minutes pass…15…20…25…and I then told her that I was thinking of walking away. She agreed and we both did. I’m sorry, if that is how you handle interviews, without even letting us know that you are going to run late, then there’s a good chance that’s how the school is run and I don’t like that.
While I was waiting for the Qatar interview, the girls from China found me and stopped and chatted with me about how my interviews were going and all that. We chatted for awhile and before they left, they basically told me to be prepared for a contract offer from them. I was excited.

Next morning was Mexico, which went pretty good. She like me, the only thing that was holding me back was that I didn’t teach with technology. No smart boards, power points, more computer usage, which was fine. I then got a call from Stars and Stripes, the China school, letting me know that they liked me and thought I would be a good fit and that they had a contract waiting for me to go over and sign. I was ecstatic. I called them back, and basically asked when we could go over the contract. I then met with them and signed. I met with Congo later, just to satisfy my curiosity, which it did. Taiwan wanted me to reschedule, but I politely declined.

I called my parents, whom were shocked, but eventually came around. See, I originally went to take a look at everything, and see what schools were there that I could go to and such, not really expecting to sign a contract. I told my parents if the right agreement came up, that I would take it, and it did. Basically, I am going to get paid about $200 less that I am at my current teaching job, but I am being provided furnished housing. The apartment will be a three bedroom, two bath – which is totally furnished from the bed to towels to chopsticks. About $30 a month will be taken out for utilities – including internet – and I can get a part of my pay in US dollars and the rest will be sent to a Chinese account that will be set up for me with my own personal ATM card. Transportation will be provided.

I am really excited. Now, I need to attend to maters over here first. Figure out what I need/want to pack up, pack up my other things that won’t be needed. Figure out if I need any shots before I go over, what kind of plugs/electricity is over there, etc. I found out there is a 13 hr different between here and there, that part of the websites I use are banned there, and some are iffy, while others go from being blocked to being unblocked, etc. Fun stuff. I also need to start a new address book.
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fabric! [Dec. 20th, 2009|01:30 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

I finally got out to JoAnns and bought some fabric for my next cosplays. Dropped a sum of money on the stuff, but I now feel excited to be able to work on something. The costumes I am working on are Rikku from Kingdom Hearts II: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/tears4dragons/anime/kingdomhearts/khrikku.jpg and Soul from Soul Eater: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/tears4dragons/anime/souleater/Soul.jpg and I want/need to get them done by Febuary for Naka-kon.

The fabric I got for Rikku is fleece and I got sweatshirt material for Soul's jacket. I wanted to get other material for his jacket, but I couldn't find what I wanted. I kinda wanted to make it like a letter jacket - you know a nice heavy material for the black part and like leather-ish material for the sleeves, but no such luck. I also didn't feel like trying to dye white to yellow for the sleeves, maybe another time if I feel like it.

Short update. I need to write in here more.
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missed the big red button in favor of world dominating plans [Sep. 12th, 2009|04:50 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |neighbors weedeater]

Teaching has been going fine. I have been slowly getting used to my new schedule and working with the older kids. I'm not sure if I like it better or not, really I don't. It's stil challenging and draining, both mentally and physcially. But I feel that I'm finally getting into the groove of things, now to work on the finer points like grade book and testing and such.

In other news I got hired at Worlds of Fun, the local amusement park, to work in the haunted houses. It has been forever since I went to an interview. Because of this I wore nice jeans and a nice shirt. When I got there, there were all kinds of characters, there was a girl in Lolita fashion, one that was in JRocker fashion (but he swore to me that he hated Japan/Korea/the like and that this was his 'own' fashion...whatever), a ren fair type person, some bimbo high schoolers - two were in pjs, and working guys that wore stained shirts and worn jeans. I felt normal in that setting...it was weird. Anyway, I passed the first interview. It was weird being asked 'what do you think you will bring t the workplace if we hire you' 'why should we hire you' I havne't had to come up with answers for those in quite a while, but luckily I can think on my feet and come up with answers. Sat around and waited for the second interview. There are about 9 houses to work in, some houses like the vampire one and the dollhouse one are filled, but when I was asked which I wanted to work in I told him which house do you need people in. I was told Carnevil as a clown. I told him that would be great. So I am now going to work as a clown. I went to the costume area and was shown the clown costume pieces and that I was free to put something together. I was told to get a mask as well. I didn't like the masks (mentioned that I get a little claustophobic in them - which is somewhat true), so I was able to worm my way out of it and just get make-up done along with a big wig. I liked that much better. So I picked up bright colorful pieces and went to the locker room to change. I must say I did an awesome job, I like what I put together. When I went back to get an ok, the ones in charge loved it - they smiled and gave me thumbs up. So now I go back next Saturday to orientation. I will be starting September 25 and work Friday and Saturday nights through October. I know this will put a damper on plans I have yet to make for weekends, but I honestly don't care, I really like the prospect of more income for bills and debit. I know my eye appointment is coming up along with new contacts and Jigsaw will be due for shots. So this will be welcome income. But I'm also excited to be doing something that I like, dressing up in costume and becoming someone else. I'm really looking forward to it.

Now to see if I can work on that story I started, hopefully get it finished as well.
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dress up is fun [Jun. 3rd, 2009|08:37 pm]
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So I went to ConQuest, the scifi/fantasy convention a while back and wore my steampunk-ish outfit. It's not complete by any means, but I enjoyed wearing it.

I hope these are open to the public...


And these are from my album which is open


So now, my next con that I'm going to is AFW in July...actually in a few weeks. Now I've been thinking about what I might want to wear and/or make. I will have two weeks (my summer break) to work on something if I want to.

Now I know that I have Touga from Utena to work on and Spring's Saionji also from Utena to work on. I also have a pattern and fabric to make a shirt for Yuki from Fruits Basket. So I have those two/three to work on at least. But I don't know if I want to work on those to wear to AFW or do something else. I was also thinking about digging something out of the cosplay closet to wear, like my Battle Royale costume.

One's that I've been thinking about doing:

Fairy Rikku from Kingdom Hearts II
It's a fairly easy design, so I don't forsee any major problems, and I can always make the shirt long enough to cover my fat belly XD

Or even Arpegius from Interstellar 5555
Which might be fun, but maybe not...don't know

Merle from Escaflowne
Again, it's a pretty easy and she's cute anyway!

Well...I guess I still have some time to mull over my options and figure something out. I think if nothing else I will pull something out of my cosplay closet (http://www.cosplaylab.com/cosplayers/complete.asp?memberid=544) Or if you guys have any comments lol ^^;

It's time to take a shower.
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blarg [Jun. 3rd, 2009|06:16 pm]
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[Current Music |Reba (tv show)]

I want to get in the habit of writing in my lj again. I kinda miss writing here, belive it or not...and to think I really didn't want to get one to begin with :P

I might write up an entry later...maybe after Spring and I take the dog, Spazz, for a walk. And it might be about cosplay XD
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